Artistar Jewels 2018

The 5th edition of Artistar Jewels, dedicated to the protagonists of the contemporary jewel, will be held at Palazzo Giureconsulti in February 2018 during the Milan Fashion Week.

Over 300 creations - selected for high artistic value, technical experimentation and innovative character, for the emotional message they intend to convey and for stylistic research - in the prestigious Palazzo Giureconsulti that will host the awards ceremony.

The exhibition includes the creation of the De Liguoro maison created in collaboration with the Egyptian designer of Reem Jano Jewelry, winner of the "De Liguoro" award in the last edition, and the creations of three international special guests.

In addition to the exhibition, held during Fashion Week in Milan, there will be:

  • communication on industry magazines and an ad hoc publication
  • possibility of selling through the e-shop
  • awards and recognitions for the most deserving

The aim is to stimulate dialogue and confrontation between artists and industry experts, enhance the contemporary jewel culture, offer great visibility and create real business opportunities.